With Digital Marketing becoming more and more prevalent and efficient with every passing day, marketing agencies are looking into creating successful ad campaigns for businesses to grow and capture a bigger pie of the market share. Here we have discussed some of the most commendable strategies and trends used by Digital Marketing Agencies Israel.

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Top Strategies Used by Digital Marketing Agencies Israel

Using Taboola

Personalized customer experience has become mandatory to achieve many business goals – right from driving sales to engaging user interest. Several Digital Marketing Agencies Israel are employing the use of Taboola which provides with predictive algorithms to deliver tailor-made recommendations for their users.

Agencies and companies using Taboola have achieved a twin fold motive:

  • Increasing user engagement with specific content

Every user has a unique set of preferences with regards to content and the type of it; but with this new marketing strategy of predictive algorithm, publishers are now given ample opportunities and inputs to engage users by curating content in accordance to their interests.

  • Boosting revenues by directing consumers to high-value pages 

The Taboola platform has allowed for publishers to share readers across sites thereby creating a lucrative cross network of opportunities, and also for ventures to strategically manage and recirculate their onsite traffic. Business teams strategize on this by routing their users to their highly valued pages and generate revenues.

Using AdWords

Online Marketing Agencies Israel are utilizing the many beneficial aspects of Google AdWords, the most popular online advertising service by Google and exploring new techniques for profitable ventures.


The best Digital marketing companies Israel employ a laser-focused approach on Audience Targeting but instead of relying on keywords and text inputs alone, they analyze a person's interests, online behavior, demographic information, device preference, and countless other audience insights. Successful campaigns do not just rely on product searches but also focus on capitalizing the varied interests and intents of the audience.


With Google making a paradigm shift in bidding, ad extension, keywords generation to an Artificial Intelligence system, digital agencies are fast adapting to it and, at the same, enhancing it with their expertise. A skilled marketing team has a firm knowledge of their products and season trends, which when coupled with AI, can guide AdWords in a lucrative direction.


Marketing agencies maintain an update on the varied changes that are happening on the social marketing scene and constantly upgrade them to benefit from the changes. With the new AdWords interface introduced by Google, top agencies and marketers are already making the switch. It is not just for interface or search terms, but digital marketers are also looking at how the users search for their products or services.


With convenience being the key, voice and image search are fast gaining traction in today’s world. Digital marketers, who have noted on the development, are revising their techniques to suit their users’ preference and to enhance their experience. 

Using Facebook

Facebook, one of the powerful social media platforms that successfully altered the phase of marketing, has already more than 90 percent of marketers on board. Several of the top Digital Marketing Agencies Israel have used Facebook to orchestrate successful marketing campaigns.


They do so by creating a solid audience base, which lays the groundwork for a successful ad campaign. Using the FB database, they apply specific criteria involving age, location, and jobs, etc., to identify and define the target audience for their respective products and service inquiries. A user-specific campaign guarantees better returns and low cost per action for the company.


These agencies also utilize the flexibility of Facebook to create compelling and interesting Ad options that are highly customizable like carousel, homepage and video ads etc.


Using the Principle of Remarketing, Facebook allows for companies to serve ads to audiences who have shown interest in their product or service in the past. In this way, marketing agencies use their existing leads to base and plan a strategy to market a company’s products and services.

Using Instagram

Having a staggering 400 million users, Instagram has risen as an avenue for successful ad campaigns. The marketing schemes followed by Israel digital marketing companies involve the following:

  • They focus on building their ads around the company’s overall marketing strategy incorporating it with its brand and premise. Instead of being a separate entity, Instagram ads complement other social media campaigns like Facebook and Twitter.
  • They use specific images with interesting attributes to draw attention to their product/service. Hashtags, a known way for one to sort content according to their interest, is a powerful tool companies use for their products and services to be enlisted under specific search terms.
  • Also, marketing companies often see the efficacy of their online campaigns on other social media and dictate their Instagram campaign based on that data. This method ensures that the same mistakes aren’t repeated and allows for a successful pattern to be applied elsewhere, creating the same benefit.
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