About Us

Once upon a time, nearly twelve years ago, the legend began. Lore tells of a noble digital agency named STG, known, far and wide, for growing vast digital landscapes from the kernel of one lone pixel. It is said that their sites, born from such stardust are too beautiful to gaze upon for too long.  That if their creative spirit were an animal it would be the unicorn. That their operatives are adept in improving sales percentages with a simple line of code. And when they close their eyes, they are known to murmur marketing strategies in their sleep. 

Where the magic happens

The source of this alchemy rests in the Tower of Azrieli in Holon, the City of Lights.  Neither the lack of oxygen at such heights nor the neighborly pub below affects these valiant geniuses. Really. So, while you might accidentally find yourself awash in the sword battles of these noble warriors while visiting their lair, do not fret. When the resulting magic– creative, unique and relevant content— is the stuff of legend, why worry?

We rise by lifting others
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