Some say they hail from over the rainbow. Others claim that they are muses in human form. Even today, the mystery remains undeciphered as to how STG has been so successful recruiting this incredible talent. But one thing is for certain – the kinship they share creates deliverable, digital magic. 

Gilad Shmueli / CEO
My brain has too many tabs open
Rom Lev Sadeh / Head of Marketing
Sorry I missed your call. It took too long to answer 'cause I was dancing to the ringtone
Tali Geva / Chief of Operations
I have CDO. it's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order... as they should be
Adi Levin / Campaign Manager
Me? Crazy? I should get down off this unicorn & slap you
Hen Nissim / Creative Manager
Coffee helps me be less Britney 2007
Meytal Cohen / Project Manager
It's very tiring babysitting my mom's grandkids. Can someone tell her to come get them
Sometimes we get emotional over fonts
Diana Taklifi / Art Director
Shit always sounds better in french
Amit Ginni / Developer
Be strong" - I whispered to my wifi signal"​
Sagi Aharon / SEO
And on the sixth day god created Man-United
Yossi Cohen Dewik / Art Director
My brain has 80% song lyrics
Liron Gavenda / Social; Creative
I like #hashtags because they look like waffles ​
Moish Pshitik / Senior Developer
No, I will not fix your computer
Fuelled by passion & curiosity
Roie Kaldero / Campaign Manager
I have mixed drinks about feelings
Tal Galker / Art Director
i'm silently judging your font choice
Natasha Soslov / Office Manager​
I only need coffee on days ending with Y
Naama Amir / Accounting
More issues than Vogue​
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