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The Problem: 2020.

More specifically, having to launch an e-commerce website and digital campaign for the first time, within a timeframe defined as, “We need it to be done before you can say ‘Jack Robin…’”

They never got to say ‘…son.’

With the onset of the novel coronavirus and the disaster that was the first wave’s lockdown, Scoop was forced to face the closure of its 60 branches. The only moment in history we didn’t want to be in their shoes. Then we packed up our Covid-19 crisis exit strategy and began to make our way towards a solution.

To enable the chain to continue to sell while tens of its branches were shuttered, we established a 400-product e-commerce platform in just 7 days. And no, it wasn’t in dog years.

Why does this project rock?
  • A friendly, clean and sales-oriented user experience
  • A short and precise customer journey
  • A broad sales system, enabling all sorts of sales rules and promotions to be established
  • Upsell offers designed to increase the value of customers’ shopping carts
  • The ability to deploy SMSs to 400 club members with a 50% off + free delivery offer
  • Designing banners that announce sales evens on the website’s homepage, as well as on all of the e-shop’s pages
  • An integration with the Flamingo system for collection management
  • An integration with the BoxIt shipping system


After dropping Scoop’s new website like it’s lava-hot among the membership club, we took measures to fan the flames and continued focusing on driving relevant traffic to the website.

Nailed it with a kick ass marketing strategy
  • Smart campaigns that correctly and effectively integrate audience segmentation and precise targeting
  • Personalized communications to men and women (respectively), with different designs and messages for each
  • Promotion of social posts (Facebook and Instagram) in order to collect and store data from interactions and engagement.
  • Generation of audiences from various marketing channels, and the input of data according to segmented fields of interest
  • Exposure of social posts to tens of thousands of potential customers, leading to growth of all page metrics
Facebook Results
A 20% increase in facebook followers
facebook followers
40% increase in visits to the Facebook page
facebook members
122% increase in the involvement of posts on the Facebook page (likes, comments and shares)
facebook post ingagement
Segmented data & dynamic remarketing

We translated the monitoring of our high levels of website activity into direct communications with users. Someone added a product to their shopping cart but didn’t checkout? We sent them a personal ad with the products waiting to be purchased. Someone viewed women’s shoes? We ensured that the shoe models they looked at followed them throughout their continued journey (after leaving the site). We took care to create a personal marketing experience and paid extreme care to which areas interested which customers, pushing them to buy, and maximizing their potential.

Within the first 24 hours following the website’s launch, the amount of completed online sales was higher than the average amount of daily sales of all of the company’s physical stores, combined.

To sum

Throughout the course of our activities, we continued to feed the database and focus our marketing processes. During the second month of our activities, we succeeded in achieving a 120% increase (in sales) in comparison to the previous month, while simultaneously reopening physical stores. The result: Scoop benefitted from a significant new revenue stream that did not come at the expense of brick-and-mortar store sales.


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